ASDC may offer any or all of the following seminars which are open to all athletes in the AEP at no cost. This program is a competency-based, modular approach. Athletes will have continual testing and assessment throughout the program. Each athlete will progress from basic and generalized content at the Bronze level to continually more advanced and individualized content in the Silver and Gold; it takes approximately 2 years of participation to progress through the levels, but may vary depending on individual progression.

Mental Skills

  • #1 Bronze - An introduction to the importance of buy-in and focusing on self-development and self-direction
  • #2 Bronze - Self-inventory of mental skills and how to use them
  • #3 Bronze - Time management and how to enable success in a busy life
  • #1 Silver - Introduction to Focusing and Imagery
  • #2 Silver - Look at the skills of relaxation and self-talk
  • #3 Silver - An in-depth look at constructing a detailed training plan with emphasis on Practice and Pre-Competition Preparation
  • Gold - Monthly small group sessions with a Mental Skills service specialist
  • Platinum - Individual sessions with a Metal Skills Specialist

Sport Nutrition

  • Nutrition Bronze - Fueling and hydrating for sport, "Nutrition Game Plan"
  • Nutrition Silver - Nutrition needs based on specific sport, supplementation and keeping a food journal.
  • Nutrition Gold -  Small group in-kitchen food preparation session
  • Nutrition Platinum - Individual session with a Sport Nutrition specialist

 Other Potential Topics

  • Injury Prevention - How do you help prevent injuries?
  • Sport After High School - Where are you going after school?
  • Self Marketing - Sell yourself to the media and sponsors
  • Public Speaking - How do you say what you want to say?
  • Media Training - Interacting with the Media
  • Social Media - How do you present yourself online?
  • Sleep and Recovery - Learn the importance of sleep on athletic performance.

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