The Alberta Sport Development Centre-Central along with Red Deer College are pleased to offer the service of VO2 Max Testing. Our Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP) will perform the test on athletes of all sports and ages.

Testing Fees

  • Individual Test - Adult: $135.45 (incl. taxes) [Contact Be Fit for Life at (403) 357-3612]
  • Individual Test - Youth/Student: $114.45 (incl. taxes)
  • Group of 4 Adults: $420.00 (incl. taxes)

* Prices subject to change without notice.

If you want to perform this test, you must follow the VO2 Max Testing Preliminary Instructions:

Food & Beverages

  • No food for 2 hours before the testing
  • No caffeine beverages for at least 2 hours prior to testing
  • No alcohol for at least 6 hours prior to testing
  • Water is OK


  • No cardiovascular or respiratory stimulants 24 hours prior to testing eg: bronchial dilators, cold medicines, and ephedrine
  • No tobacco products for at least 2 hours prior to testing


To ensure the quality and accuracy of the VO2 Max Test:

  • Participants should be rested for the testing
  • No strenuous exercise the day before and ABSOLUTELY NO exercise the day of the test

Dress Requirements

  • Shorts
  • Short sleeved or sleeveless top
  • Appropriate footwear (e.g: running shoes, cycling shoes, cycling pedals)
  • Water bottle

To have this test performed, you must register and pay for this service through Red Deer College by calling 403-357-3663 and complete the necessary forms. Once your appointment has been booked, please bring receipt and forms with you to your appointment. No testing will be done without confirmation of payment and signed and dated forms. Please click here for forms: Par-Q, Instructions, and Waiver of Liability.

For more information about this service please contact the ASDC Office at 403-342-3231 or by e-mail