Many athletes need high levels of strength and cardiovascular endurance to succeed in their sport. Performing appropriate strength and conditioning gives athletes a winning edge in the area of strength and power development. While most athletes recognize strengthening and conditioning as a way to improve strength, few know how to go about designing a program that will improve strength specifically for their particular sport.

 An appropriate resistance training program is based on 3 elements:

  • Understanding the strength requirements of your sport.
  • Detailed knowledge of the techniques to develop these strength requirements.
  • Understanding how these techniques should be included in a long-term plan to best develop all components of your sport.

The format of ASDC-C's strength and conditioning program takes an "educational" approach, and allows each athlete to prepare a personal training program that will meet the demands of his/her activity (position specific) and give them the knowledge and skills to complete their own program.

Program Outline 

The Strength and Conditioning (S & C) plan is for each athlete to progress from General Strength to Power to Plyometrics. Athletes will be placed in their appropriate phase as determined by current strength level, and will progress through the program upon meeting the standards (subject to approval of the S & C coach).

More details to follow