Many athletes need high levels of strength and cardiovascular endurance to succeed in their sport. Performing appropriate strength and conditioning gives athletes a winning edge in the area of strength and power development.

While most athletes recognize strengthening and conditioning as a way to improve strength, few know how to go about designing a program that will improve strength specifically for their particular sport.

An appropriate resistance training program is based on 3 elements:

  • Understanding the strength requirements of your sport.
  • Detailed knowledge of the techniques to develop these strength requirements.
  • Understanding how these techniques should be included in a long-term plan to best develop all components of your sport.

The format of ASDC-C's strength and conditioning program takes an "educational" approach, and allows each athlete to prepare a personal training program that will meet the demands of his/her activity (position specific) and give them the knowledge and skills to complete their own program.

Program Outline 

The Strength and Conditioning (S & C) plan is for each athlete to progress from Phase 1 (General Strength) to Phase 2 & 3 (Power) to Phase 4 (Plyometrics). Athletes will be placed in their appropriate phase as determined by current strength level, and will progress through the program upon meeting the standards (subject to approval of the S & C coach).

  • Phase 1 General Strength - will consist of Front Squats 2x per week, Overhead Press 1x per week and Deadlifts 1x per week, with accessory work and a 10-12 minute conditioning workout on all days. Phase 1 will also have a Flexibility component.
  • Phase 2/3 Power - will consist of Power Cleans 1x per week, Front Squats 1x per week, Deadlifts 1x per week, and Overhead Press 1x per week. (If athletes only come twice a week they will be doing Cleans and Squats.)
  • Phase 4 Plyometrics - will consist of Power Cleans and Front Squats, with the addition of Depth Jumps and Plyometric movements.


Competency Standards for Promotion:

  • Phase 1  to Phase 2/3
    • The athletes must Front Squat their body weight and Deadlift 1.5x their body weight before starting Phase 2/3 Power.
  • Phase 2/3 to Phase 4
    • The athletes must Power Clean 0.75 their body weight before starting Depth Jumps. (These standards may be subject to change based on athlete’s sport and/or gender/height/weight/age and are subject to S & C coach approval.)

Athlete Objectives

Male athletes: 1) Deadlift = 2x body weight (BW); 2) Front Squat = 1.75x BW; 3) Power Clean = 1.5x BW; 4) Overhead Press = Body Weight; and 8 Pull Ups

Female athletes: 1) Deadlift = 1.75x BW; 2) Front Squat = 1.5x BW; 3) Power Clean = 1BW; 4) Overhead Press = 0.5x BW; and 5 Pull Ups