As a not-for-profit organization, our pricing is a low cost alternative for sport organizations, athletes and coaches in all sports.

We offer exceptional services in all types of areas including: Mental Training, Strength & Conditioning, Biomechanics, Nutrition, VO2 Max Testing and Custom Programs among many others.

Along with the various programs offered at ASDCC, we welcome the opportunity to work on a customized basis with you and/or your sport organization.

ASDCC is able to meet with you and your athletes to determine how we can assist your club/association.  ASDCC welcomes the chance to share their vision of optimum performance for emerging athletes, allowing us, along with your direction, to support your team/athlete on the road to sporting excellence. We will showcase such services such as performance profiling, Winning Edge seminars and sport psychology/mental training, which collaboratively involve the provision of nutrition/health services along with injury prevention and performance enhancement strategies.

If you would like to discuss options for customized programs, please call us at (403) 342-3231.

Services We Offer:

The technician will visit the athlete and their coach to discuss what the requirements are and after some discussion and clarification an agreed form of service will be arrived at. Biomechanical analysis in this programme is provided in varying degrees of depth and they are:

There are many reasons for an athlete to seek out mental skills training. Some of them could be: Underperformance, Choking, Lacking desire, Lacking concentration, Frustration, Extreme negativity or they just want to get better. What ever the reason is, Mental Skills can help an athlete with many facets of their performance. The basic mental skills are; Self-awareness, Goal setting, Relaxation, Self talk, Imagery, and Concentration / Attention control.

Through the ASDC we connect you with a Sport Psychology Consultant who has training in the field.

The service providers that we connect you with are Registered Dietitians. As a Registered Dietitian, they are members of the provincial regulatory body that ensures that those who call themselves Registered Dietitians have the proper educational qualifications and follow professional practice standards. This assures the public that Registered Dietitians are a reliable source of nutrition information.

Profiling should be an important part in the life of an athlete. Our aim is to develop a set of results indicating where an individual's strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to the various components of body composition, growth changes and fitness that is important in their sport. We also aim to provide a measure of progress in response to prescribed training programs.

Many athletes need high levels of strength and cardiovascular endurance to succeed in their sport. Performing appropriate strength and conditioning gives athletes a winning edge in the area of strength and power development.

While most athletes recognize strengthening and conditioning as a way to improve strength, few know how to go about designing a program that will improve strength specifically for their particular sport.

The Alberta Sport Development Centre-Central along with Red Deer College are pleased to offer the service of VO2 Max Testing. Our Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP) will perform the test on athletes of all sports and ages.