The technician will visit the athlete and their coach to discuss what the requirements are and after some discussion and clarification an agreed form of service will be arrived at. Biomechanical analysis in this programme is provided in varying degrees of depth and they are:

  1. The most common initial analysis is filming the athlete in action, taking the film away, editing it to highlight key issues and providing the athlete and coach with a digital, packaged version of the performance. In some cases immediate viewing is available too before the editing takes place.
  2. The next level of analysis is to compare current performance with a previous example to illustrate changes in an athlete's performance. This is useful to illustrate progression or to highlight recovery post injury. More distances and angles are measured here and the technician works closely with the coach/athlete to analyse the data.
  3. The last level of analysis is streaming the live performance to the athlete with a delay. This allows the athlete to perform one repetition, walk to the computer screen and see that rep in real time and slow motion while the coach feeds back to them.

Most athletes are well served by the first level but as they near elite status the second level becomes important. The third option is useful for coaches to feedback as close to the performance as possible. This allows athletes to associate their performance with their feelings as soon as possible after performing.

Filming and analysis are carried out using a hard drive camera and the Dartfish analysis software used in the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver. As an added benefit the Dartfish package allows a coach to conduct team analysis through a process of tagging certain movements or plays in a match, but that is outside of the scope of this introduction to biomechanical analysis and the options available here at ASDC Central.

For more information about this service please contact the ASDC Office at 403-342-3231 or by e-mail