Adam has been playing Rugby(Prop is his position) for the Red Deer Titans for 3 years now. Each Year they have made it to provincials and last 2 years they became League champions. With Last year being undefeated during the regular season. Adam also made it on one of the 4 provincial Rugby U16 Teams (Central Alberta Elite) and will again be trying out for Team Alberta this year. He also Plays Football for Hunting Hills and this last year was his final bantam year where he managed to receive the honor of being named one of the 2 All stars as well as Lineman of the year. Short term goal is to Take his U15 team to a provincials win and to make it onto the U16 Elite's again where he will get the chance to Try for a spot on Team Alberta this summer, Then back to his first year of Senior football this Fall! Long Term to represent Canada by playing on team Canada as well as study sports medicine.

May 2017 Athlete of The Month - Media Release

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