- Volleyball -

Gallen James Donaghy is a grade 11 student from Sylvan Lake, playing in his second year for the U17 Central Alberta Kings Volleyball Club. As a power hitter,  Gallen helped the CAKVC U17 men’s team win gold in Division II in the first premiere of 2015.  Last season, the team finished 2nd in Tier IV at the National Competition.  Gallen is an honours student who also participates in school sports at HJ Cody High School on the senior varsity volleyball team, the junior varsity basketball team, the school soccer team and track team.  Gallen’s determination as an athlete started early; he earned his brown belt in karate before the age of 12, taught himself to skate, and played competitive hockey and soccer until he found his passion in volleyball.  Gallen’s goal is to constantly progress as a player and an athlete.