- Equestrian Vaulting -

I have been an equestrian vaulter for almost seven years. I compete both nationally and internationally at the Women's Canter C level.  During my years as a vaulter I have earned the high point award twice.  I am proud to find myself placing top three at most national competitions.  I am most proud of my accomplishments at the CVI Canada Cup in Chilliwack this past spring where I placed 3rd in Individual Children 1*.  I love the opportunities vaulting has given me.  Not only do I get to challenge myself in the areas of strength and flexibility I get to explore creative ways to choreograph my moves to music.  Essentially telling a story on horseback. With competition season quickly approaching I am working hard to prepare a new routine to introduce at the Pacific Cup in California this spring. 

Photo – Avery is flanked by Angelique (left) and Jeanine (right) van der Sluijs.

Avery was ASDC-Central June 2016 Athlete of the Month - Media Release

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