The Alberta Sport Development Centre - Central (ASDCC) provides improved sport experiences for Central Alberta athletes and coaches. The fundamental idea is that by designing sport science initiatives and coach development programs, the common good of all regional sport will be better served and result in improved emerging athlete development in Central Alberta. We strive to "Raising Champions at Home"


To enhance sport in Alberta.


To provide sport development opportunities for athletes and coaches in Central Alberta, in collaboration with local, regional, provincial, and national sport entities.

Core Values

Accountability - Be vigilant in appraising our services, and be accountable to members and partners.

Support - Support the development of emerging athletes and coaches.

Collaboration - Engage community partners for the betterment of sport in Central Alberta.

Integrity - Honour and respect the sport community's interests through transparent business practices and governance.

Innovation - Design and deliver programs that meet and exceed the spot science needs of the community.

Diversity and Inclusion

ASDC-Central supports the following statements by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity is about the individual. It is about the variety of unique dimensions, qualities and characteristics we all possess.

Inclusion is about the collective. It is about creating a culture that strives for equity and embraces, respects, accepts and values difference.

Diversity and inclusion is about capturing the uniqueness of the individual; creating an environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills and abilities to the benefit of the collective.

- Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion


ASDC-Central is a registered non-profit society operated through a Board of Directors and an Executive Director. Membership to ASDC-Central allows groups/associations to access all of our services for a reduced rate or no cost.