Taylor Davies

My name is Taylor Davies, I am a 16 year old competitive snowboarder with the Riders Onboard club based out of Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton. I have been snowboarding for 9 years, competitively for 3. I started riding in Saskatchewan at Table Mountain, but everyone knows there isn't much for snowboarding out there. One season my family and I made 9 hours trips to the mountains every month, until finally we decided to move closer so I could pursue my passion for snowboarding. Ever since I moved to Red Deer and joined the Riders Onboard club my snowboarding skills and love for the sport have grown tremendously. I take part in slope style, half pipe, SBX, and rail jam competitions. I enjoy competing because it never feels like a competition; everyone I compete against are also my team mates, and my friends. We are always supporting each other and giving advice even in competition. I'm hoping to reach higher levels of Xgames and the Olympics in the future, but most importantly I hope to continue doing the sport I love more than anything for the rest of my life.

ASDC-Central Female Athlete of the Month of February 2016 – Taylor Davies Read Media Release

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