I have been playing Box Lacrosse since 2008 and was introduced to Field Lacrosse in 2013. My preferred  position in Field is attack because I can use both Field and Box techniques during game play. I am hard working and dedicated to the sport of Lacrosse.  I have played club Lacrosse since 2013 with the Red Deer Orangemen and with the Okotoks Mustangs. I have played in three tournaments in Las Vegas and I  just went to a tournament in San Diego at the beginning of January, where I also attended my first showcase at the San  Diego State University.  In the world of box lacrosse I have been on five provincial teams, coming home with one bronze, two silver, and one gold.  I have been captain on three teams and assistant for one. This year I hope to make the Red Deer Midget A and open more doors and opportunities for my future upcoming seasons.

Academically my prefer fields of studies are English, Science, Social Studies, and Med Studies. For a professional field I hope to get a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine.  I recently went through a knee injury during my 2016 box season, which led to a surgery, so I have chosen this profession because I would like to give back to the people who have assisted me through my personal knee recovery and to help others who are experiencing the same struggles.

My lifestyle aside from lacrosse includes school, spending time with friends and family, hunting, camping, and working for my father’s company.