Heather Latimer has been an Equestrian Vaulter for 11 years. She is attending Olds Career High for her grade 12 year and has plans to graduate early in order to have a successful competition season. This fall Heather became the 2016 Provincial Champion and was lucky to have long time friend Avery Malone be Reserve Champion.  Heather has competed as an individual and on a team. She recently started her own club Chinook Vaulters and has many plans for the 2017 season. 

This upcoming May will be her first out of country competition; she will be attending an international competition in Gilroy, California as an individual.  She will also head to many other provincial shows and return to Chilliwack, British Columbia for another international show which happens to also be in May. Heather owns her own vaulting horse that is in training currently, and is soon acquiring another horse to bring into her club. As her horse is not ready to compete on this year, she is borrowing from another local club. Every week she travels up to Rocky Mountain House to vault on a horse named Phoenix. Phoenix is owned by Spruce Valley Vaulters coach, Rebecca Marland. Before owning her own club, Heather vaulted with the Meadow Creek Vaulting Club where she was a base on team for 5 years and performed individually as well. After Heather graduates this year, she plans on pursuing a career as a personal trainer and a vaulting coach. Currently Heather is in the process of earning her certification as a vaulting coach and plans to have a lesson program in her club this upcoming spring. 

Heathers determination and dedication to her sport have been evident since she was a very young lower level vaulter.  She plans to give back to the sport that made her who she is. She plans on becoming an active board member of the Alberta Equestrian Vaulting Association, having her own club to expand the sport of vaulting, and promoting the sport with demonstrations and clinics. With many big dreams and goals this year, Heather is grateful for the ASDC Central program giving her amazing support and tools to make this year her most successful. She is thankful for her supporting community and people who will help her dreams become reality.