- Gymnastics -

My name is Ruby Butler and I am 13 years old and I am in grade 8 at Ecole Camille J Lerouge. I have lived in Red Deer with my parents and younger sister my whole life. I have been involved in gymnastics since I was 2 and I have been competing since I was 5 years old. I train 17 hours a week at Exelta Gymnastics. My favorite things about gymnastics are learning new skills and preforming them at competition. My favorite event is floor and vault. I really like floor because it is fun to include dance with my tumbling skills. I also like vault because you feel like you are flying through the air. When I am not training at the gym I enjoy hanging out with my friends, babysitting and spending time with my family. My hobbies include playing the violin and guitar, doing homework, listening to music and jumping on my trampoline.

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