- Rugby -

Having the opportunity to be involved with sports my entire life has been one of the biggest blessings and character builders I owe so much to.
As a young girl, I thrived in the game of soccer, building my athleticism as well as my confidence to start competing in track and field events at my school. There, I branched off into multiple running and jumping events, and excelled at most things I did, but mostly I just loved to compete!
However, it took me until highschool-grade 10- to find the game of rugby that would immediately steal my heart. I've never looked back. Nicholas Sparks has drawn inspiration for his next book from the love I have for the game, but I digress.
I played three years at Lacombe Composite Highschool, then a year after graduation, I found the Red Deer Titans, who adopted me into their club, and allowed me to dive head first into the world of Rugby. Since then, I've played a Sr. and a Jr. Season, went on an American tour, played a few tournaments including the Las Vegas 7's, watched international competitions, enrolled in many different training programs and have committed myself to a 3 year plan revolving around playing, coaching, training for and soaking up everything Rugby.
I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me as a Canadian woman, and I want to see the same opportunities offered to girls and women around the world, for nothing has changed my life quite like this game has.