- Canoe Polo -

Katie has followed in her two sister's footstep by competing in Canoe Polo.  Her accomplishments to date include
2012 -Summer Games - 3rd in Canoe Polo for Province @ Lethbridge, AB.

2012 - Canadian Nationals - 2nd in youth division @ Innisfail, AB

2013 - Canadian Nationals - 2nd in Women's division @ Sudbury, Ont.

Katie is hoping for a spot on the 2014 - U21 Canadian Women's Canoe Polo Team heading to Thury-Harcourt France in September.

Alberta Summer Games- 1st in Canoe Polo, held in Airdrie in Later July.
Alberta Summer Games- 3rd in Down River, held in Airdrie Canadian Nationals -1st in youth division, held in Edmonton in early July In June of 2014 Katie was named to the U21 Canadian Women's Canoe Polo Team. They traveled to Europe during the summer and played in numerous tournaments while there also attended Worlds in France where they placed 7th in the U21 Women's division.
In 2015 we played in "Cup of the North" which is held yearly in Edmonton and placed 7th in the B division, with teams from the USA and Great Britain.