- Rugby -

1. Sport History - What have you played
I have played many sports over the course of the years, starting with Clive Minor Soccer at age eight.  I played with Clive until I was fifteen and too old to continue playing for them.  I started Cross country when I was eleven and hope to continue competing for the Lethbridge College Kodiaks in the upcoming fall.  Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton were short lived, I played them for three years and continued with basketball in High School last year. Track and Field has been a steady success for five years.  I was introduced to rugby two years ago.

2. Why do you love Rugby (plus teams you play/played for)
I love rugby for many reasons.  As seen above, I have played on many teams.  None of them compare to a rugby team.  It is family, passion, discipline.  The love of this sport is driven by the people around you.  You need each other in order to win the match. There is no I in team, and in rugby, it is never more apparent. Secondly, I love the sport because you can test yourself. Personally, I'm small for being a flank, so its a blast taking down people who are huge.  I like to see how much I can take, how fast I can go; find my physical limits.  By doing this, challenging myself, I become so much stronger mentally and physically.  That in itself, is a win. Rugby is just awesome.
This last season, I played for Lacombe Composite High School, Red Deer Titans, Calgary Mavericks, and was a reserve for Rugby Alberta.

3. Aspirations-Goals - What are you working towards
I am working towards playing for the Lethbridge Horns, or making the Lethbridge Women's Club team for a year ahead. My goals for this season are to actually make the traveling roster for Team Alberta as a flank.

4. What does participation in the ADSC AEP and Titans SoR mean for you
Plus name, age and a picture (Ideally playing rugby or in your rugby kit/post game)

Participating in this program is such an honour. It opens so many opportunities for me and I fully intend to take all of this knowledge everywhere I go throughout life. I want to be the best I can be and this is a huge leap for me to get where I would like to be.