Dave Colley

I have had a love of sports my whole life. This ranges from playing rugby, cricket and field hockey at school to playing soccer at university. My academic qualifications include a BSC (Eng) in Extraction Metallurgy from the Royal School of Mines, University of London and a Diploma in Kinesiology from Red Deer College.

My sports specific qualifications include a National Diploma/Licence from the Scottish Football Association specialising in childhood development in soccer and all the attendant courses and certificates required to obtain that qualification. I teach soccer at the college and coach locally at the college and in the community, through the City of Red Deer and have been working with ASDC for a year and a half.

The field of biomechanics interests me immensely and is an ideal way to combine both aspects of my formal education within an active sports environment. I am currently attempting to secure a place with a college so that I can begin studying for a Master's degree in the field of Biomechanics. This year I conducted many observations and analyses through a variety of sports in diverse environments and look forward to expanding on that base.