Doug is a retired College Instructor, having taught for 32 years. He holds a Mental Deficiency Nursing Diploma, Bachelor of Education Degree (Special Education) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology.  His proprietorship, F.I.R.S.T. Place for Human Performance, is entering its 19th year.  He is a self-avowed pragmatist; he is interested in the conditions that affect learning and living and is centrally focused on assisting individuals in managing the “strain of living” with an emphasis on resilience.  He is an engaging and skilled public speaker and has consulted to local, regional, provincial and national sport and education communities.
His current interests are focused on the design and delivery of Head Coach: Creating Community in Sport Associations; the continued development of Sport Psychology Seasonal Plans and the design of a Sport psychology Curriculum that is compatible with Canada’s Sport 4 Life program; the ever-evolving F.I.R.S.T Program where focusing, imagery, relaxation and self-talk are integrated into the athlete domains of training (practice), pre-competition, competition and post-competition; and the development of learning and leaderful as book-ends to intention and vigilance.

Continued professional interests are directed to his first academic love - Applied Behaviour Analysis, writing, exploring the taxonomy of healthy youth, developing and researching components of healthy communities and the continued study in the integration of vision, mission and values in organizations.  He loves reading, almost anything, but especially psychopathology, forensics, historical fiction, anything about behaviourism and genetics.  His favorite authors are B.F. Skinner, Richard Dawkins and John Wyndham.  His “current” favorite book is Thirteen Reasons Why.

He offers that his three strengths are energy, love of learning and joy in teaching.  His goal is to participate with learners in an effort to empower them through the development of a self-directed lifestyle that is embedded in a profound sense of the value of community.  His mantra is: “The trouble with the self-made man / woman is he / she is too much in love with the creator”.